Tomorrow is my Ex’s birthday. This doesn’t mean much to me now except my birthday is two weeks later. I was born on the sixteenth of March while she was born on the fourth. My biggest problem with this whole situation is that it seems I will never be able to forget her birthday.


A photograph of myself  taken by my ex-girlfriend

Hell, I don’t even remember my mum’s birthday. I mean…like WTF. What kind of guy remembers his Ex birthday but forgets his mum’s. Trust me, I don’t want to remember my Ex’s birthday either…not after all the pain, but I can’t help it. It’s not funny. Every year, I am thinking about my upcoming birthday, and bam! just like that…her birthday crosses my mind like a crazy naked lady on a scooter running a red light.

She doesn’t deserve anymore attention than I have already given her, but since she has crossed my mind once again, we might as well make her the subject of this post.

There is one thing I cannot I deny. She is a proficient artist herself. The picture you see on the right was taken by her. She was presented with the opportunity to take this photograph as reflected sunlight  made its way through the front door of our home on a late afternoon in San Francisco. The sunlight caught me at just the right moment, and with just a few minutes of sunlight to spare, she captured an image that could possibly explain my entire period in California .



Myself and my family friend named Yanju went on another photo session. This time around, we focused on portraits, and I decided to put my knowledge of cinematography and lighting to the test. There was no shortage of family and friends as volunteers for a photo session. However, my sister was quick to oblige, and you know what? She turned out to be perfect for the shoot.

Portrait with Leds

For this session we used the Z96 Led lights on stands. I cannot vouch enough for these lights. These are dimmable, battery operated, small and handy lights. For this portrait, we used the traditional three point lighting setup with a fill light just below her face and to the right of the camera. This photo above was taken by Yanju after my light setup.

Gone Fishing

I went fishing today. Oh yeah, I went fishing. I shaved and freshened up. I decked myself up in a nice shirt with a fresh pair of jeans and wore a pair of fancy black shoes. I looked okay for a young guy who will definitely grow up to be a shrewd cynical old man, but I ain’t telling anyone that…at least not anyone who doesn’t read blogs. I am sure you’re asking yourself a question. Why the fancy outfit? Man…I’m single. Sure enough, I went to a birthday party. The birthday girl is a family friend. Yeah, I know; we are all family friends down here in Maryland. I am sure you can guess why i bailed to California in the first place. So anyway, she is celebrating her 21st birthday, and I am thinking, “There are going to be some fresh fishes at this party. Right? And, I might as well go catch me some fishes. Right?”

Gone Fishing

Golden Gate bridge from Baker beach 

Yeah right! I got there and sure enough, there were plenty of ladies. However, I didn’t step up to any of them. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the courage to do so. I just dreaded the idea of getting tied down as an aspiring artist considering my previous relationships left a bad taste in my mouth with regards to this issue.

I mean…I am going to have to spend all that energy talking her up, going on a date, going on more dates, taking her phone calls, picking her up and spending all this time I don’t have. You know what I mean. Right? I am sure some of you are married. My sympathies to you by the way. Of course, I am just kidding. However, I forward this issue to you. Would you rather be independent and successful as an artist, married with a few projects here and there, or do you believe you can juggle both?

Experienced or opportunistic photographer?

After a night out on a photography session with a family friend, I am glad that I could at least remember how to operate a camera. You would think it is as easy as remembering how to ride a bicycle, but as you can imagine, I was wrong.


Bowie town center…Bowie, Maryland.

As a result, I am led to ask this seemly important question. What kind of photographer are you? Are you an experienced photographer, an opportunistic photographer or both?

This is a question I believe anyone who wants to take photography seriously has to ask themselves. The premise for this question is based on the idea that not all situations within photography are favorable and not all subject matter are interesting.

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