The Generous Artist.

If you find yourself being asked to utilize your artistic skills for free more often than you can go job hunting by family and friends, I believe it is time to start charging these suckers.


Ramids Confections

I mean…really…don’t you hate it when they try to psych you up…telling you how wonderful you are as an artist only for them to finish the sentence by asking you a favor? We have all been there as Artist, and the funny thing is…we can see it coming from a mile away. Here is a good idea of what I am saying. Replace your name with “Yemi” below.

Whoa Yemi, I really like your work.” “Uh huh.” “I was really impressed” “Uh…huh” “I never knew you were an Artist.” “Hmmm?” “I was thinking. Can you help me create something artistic and stylish?” “Can I say no?” “What was that?” “Oh…nothing.” “So, that’s a yes?” “I guess so.” “Oh Yemi, thank you very much. I am so excited.” 

The above is pretty typical from friends and family. However, it wasn’t the same when my sister asked me to create a business card for her small cake business which was starting to kick off from word of mouth. After looking for ideas, I completed the logo in illustrator and sent it to her. She was happy with the results, and I was happy too by the way she has embraced her inner artist.

She sent me some pictures of her baking and artistic skills. And oh Whoa…I like her work. I am really impressed. I never knew she was an Artist. Just look at her delicious looking cakes. I am thinking about asking her to bake me something artistic and stylish for my birthday. She better not say no. Wait a minute. Do you notice a pattern here or is it me?