At the Bottom

I just received a  call from a long time family friend today who is also a avid photographer like myself, and he has invited me for a photography session tomorrow, and I can’t say that I am not excited. It’s been a while since I placed my hands on a camera, and I was beginning to fear that I was getting a bit rusty. I haven’t been able to get myself going on anything tangible since I graduated from college back in 2010. Don’t get me wrong, if I had tried my best, I could have made the most of the time after graduation with some good side jobs.

Bottom of the Golden Gate Bridge

However, while I was in California, it was always between maintaining a regular job to pay the bills or loosing my independence and returning to Maryland. I am pretty sure most Artist can testify to the situation above…especially artist living in difficult places like L.A. These are Artist who are struggling to break in to any art industry while they are stuck on a cash register for majority of a week with a Sixty thousand college loan. Anyway, here’s to riding the bottom hard with one of my other stills of the bottom part of the Golden Gate Bridge. I took this photo with a bit of some sunlight left on the horizon. The vehicle in the photograph wasn’t planned, and in my opinion, it takes away from the main subject.